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  • Tattoo and Mark-Free Radiation Treatment


A Letter from our CEO

CEOThe year 2021 provided many challenges for Cody Regional Health (CRH) that we have not historically experienced. Our staff and organization underwent unprecedented challenges that were effectively addressed through our teamwork, compassion, and persistence in meeting and exceeding our patient expectations.

Our team delivered this care with innovation, collaboration, and resiliency to rise above all challenges while never losing focus on our patient centered care philosophy. The team ensured that our patients’ care experience was always the best local healthcare possible.

Even though we experienced many challenges throughout the year, we were able to achieve significant accomplishments. We continue to work hard at redefining excellence in a rural health care setting by partnering with others around us. This past year we began collaboration with SCL Health (St. Vincent) to begin the implementation of a new electronic health record (Epic), with a goal of implementation by October 2022.

We developed the Cody Imaging Center in partnership with CRH physicians. Cody Imaging Center is an outpatient MRI facility located in the Cody Medical Arts Complex and provides advanced MRI imaging capabilities at a lower cost to patients served in the Big Horn Basin. In addition, we collaborated with Washakie County to expand our EMS services to improve healthcare access for the Big Horn Basin.

Over the past year, we secured Federal CARES funding to convert CRH Emergency Department, Acute Care/Critical Care, and Walk-in Clinic patient rooms into negative air pressure rooms, which support our safety and infection control processes. These funds also allowed us to install a new operating room air handler unit, purchase Xenux Disinfection system that is utilized throughout CRH and other capital equipment necessary to assist with increased COVID patient volumes.

It has been difficult for CRH front-line direct caregivers and all support staff fighting the pandemic. The CRH staff and providers were always present to provide needed medical care for the recovering, the sick and the dying even when our organization was running short of beds, supplies or personnel. Our team has unselfishly worked additional hours, come in to assist when not scheduled to work, and worked many overtime hours to ensure our patients had the necessary team to care for them.

The pandemic has driven CRH to be increasingly innovative and allowed us to change our delivery of healthcare like never before. This past year has demonstrated how incredibly strong our team, medical staff and community truly are. The ever-changing environment has been an ongoing challenge for all this past year and at the same time has created opportunities never imagined.

We will undoubtedly continue to face various challenges during this pandemic in 2022. Many of these challenges will be predictable and many will be undefined. We will continue to provide excellent patient care with compassion while pressing through the most extraordinary and challenging conditions our healthcare industry has seen in many years.

Our team has provided care to hundreds of COVID- positive patients, expanded capacity to keep patients at home, provided community testing and partnered with other hospitals and organizations in the Big Horn Basin to deploy needed COVID vaccines in a timely manner. CRH is much more than buildings and beds inside. Our greatness is measured by the caliber of our staff. Our providers and staff are the heart and soul of CRH.

We are blessed to live in a community where we truly care about each other—a community that supports each other and perseveres in the most challenging times. On behalf of the CRH Board of Directors, I would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to everyone who has reached out to CRH to offer needed assistance and support to our team. CRH is prepared to make a positive difference to those we serve in 2022 and beyond.


Mission Vision & Values


To provide extraordinary healthcare to those we serve by people who care.


The first choice for those who aspire to heal, be healed & lead healthier lives.


Compassion, Integrity, Excellence, Innovation & Collaboration.

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The Gift of Life


At Cody Regional Health we provide personal attention to our growing families to help make your baby’s birth as safe and comfortable as possible. We have excellent, attentive doctors and nurses to give you and your little one that special care.

Having your baby in our birthing center will give you peace of mind. You will have the best care in a modern up-to-date facility. Our personal touch makes all the difference!

  • Free Prenatal Education/Childbirth Class Series: Go to to register or for more information.
  • Take Home bag of goodies.
  • Labor, delivery, recover, and postpartum (LRPD) concept. Mom, Dad, and baby stay together in a private suite from admission to discharge. Baby always stays with mom.
  • Special Care Nursery for those babies who need a little extra care and attention.
  • Staff of all Registered Nurses who have specialized in Obstetric and Couplet Care.
  • Special dinner of your choosing will be provided to celebrate your new addition.
  • Certified Lactation counselors on staff to support you and your baby as you learn to breastfeed.

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Get to Know Us


How have you and your team continued to offer the best patient care during the pandemic? We’ve continued all necessary annual education that was not offered in person via remote learning such as a course we take every two years called STABLE. This class enables nurses and doctors who take it to have the consistent skills, knowledge, and teamwork to take care of babies who need more help right after birth. We still continue to go through simulations on postpartum hemorrhage and emergency cesarean births 4 times a year. We have added instructors for courses on learning and improving fetal monitoring interpretation and neonatal resuscitation. We have improved our teamwork in co-managing pregnant patients in the ED as well and have consistent education between the two departments to care for babies.

What are you most proud of when it comes to you and your team? Cody is the safest place to have your baby and get the care you need while pregnant because of the team we have here. We have consistent staffing for the labor and delivery unit with safe nurse to patient ratio. I’m also proud of the passion everyone has for their community members, especially our maternal and neonatal population. Everyone cares for each other on this team and that safe connection and teamwork means safe outcomes and quality care for patients.

What new techniques, equipment, and education have you acquired over the past year you want to share? We have seen more patients with preeclampsia in 2020 and 2021 than years past, and as a unit we wanted to make sure we were all on the same page for how we care for this pregnancy complication.

We have all completed rigorous education modules and competencies on hypertension in pregnancy, preeclampsia, and HELLP syndrome. We were able to send 2 nurses to a course called “Spinning Babies.” This hands on education taught our nurses how to better help patients into positions that promote natural births. The two nurses we sent were able to come back to Cody and teach their coworkers new tools and techniques to help all of our patients. We have added two fetal monitor instructors. The nurses are experts in fetal monitoring interpretation and interventions. They pass the education on to their team and provide an onsite resource for all of us who care for pregnant patients.

How do you and your team work on growing trust between each other and your patients?As the leader of the team, I need to provide approachable leadership and accountability. We also need to provide continual educational opportunities for nurses to learn, grow, and be inspired. An empowered team that cares about the quality they bring to the bedside, brings safe care to the bedside. In addition to the care that patients expect, the close connections we make with patients improve their safety.

Natika Mitchell-Cowie
Women’s Health & Nursery Director

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Storm Chasers

At Cedar Mountain Center, our clients like to refer to our team as the “Storm Chasers.” When you’re in the middle of a mental health and/or substance use crisis, it can be compared to being caught in a horrific storm. You are out of control, can’t think clearly, and just want to give up.

It’s in the middle of this storm when you need a solid anchor, someone who won’t leave your side, hold you accountable, and show you a way out. That’s what our team is known for, chasing the storm and never giving up.

Over the past year Cedar Mountain Center (CMC) has grown the quality of services we offer our clients and residents in many ways. We have trained all of our employees in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT). This set of skills enhances the ability of our clients and residents in a number of ways. DBT teaches people how to tolerate distress, better regulate emotions, enhance interpersonal skills, and learn to mindfully interact with the world around them.

The skills are practical and easy to learn and implement. Many of our clients have commented they have been in treatment for mental health or substance use issues many times and no one ever taught them these skills.

One client mentioned, “I believe that if I had learned these skills earlier in life I would not have had an addiction.”

In addition to DBT we have also grown our Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) services for treatment resistant depression. Many of our patients who have tried multiple different treatments and therapies for depression with little to no relief, have been able to achieve full or significant reductions in symptoms of depression with TMS.

We have also expanded our ability to provide care for people who experience trauma. Over the past few years we have added Internal Family Systems Therapy to our treatment at our residential program. This approach provides significant help for people seeking to resolve trauma.

In addition, several of our therapists have trained in EMDR, another evidence based approach to resolving trauma. We’ve added another full-time APRN, Marika Geertz, to provide psychiatric care. This further expands our ability to provide medications and medication management. We now have two psychiatrists and two APRNs on our medical staff

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Get to Know Us


How have you been able to help the communities we serve? We have been able to provide telehealth services which expands the reach of our care and also allows people who live further away or have transportation or mobility limitations to obtain care more easily and conveniently. We have also been active within our state organization Wyoming Alliance of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centers (WAMHSAC) to advocate for improvements in mental health and substance use treatment and to advocate against state policies that would limit the ability of WAMHSAC centers to provide low cost income based service to all the residents of Wyoming.

We also began the Honor Recovery event in Cody. This event provides an evening of social interaction, fellowship, music, games and other fun activities to honor those who are in recovery from mental health and substance use disorders. This event also provides an opportunity for people to tell their stories of their recovery and inspire others.

Are you planning on hosting another “Honor Recovery” event? Why?We plan on the Honor Recovery event being an annual event. For us, this is an important way to give back to the community as a whole and especially to those who are in recovery and honor the hard work they put into recovery and their recovery community. It is both an affirmation of that work and an opportunity for us to show appreciation to those who allow our CRH team and other caregivers in the community to be a part of their recovery journey. The biggest reason for this event is that it feels good for all of us to see that recovery is a team effort, to know that no one has to do it alone, and it gives us an opportunity to honor everyone involved in that journey!

What are you most proud of when it comes to your team at CMC? “Over the past year what I am most proud of about our team is their resiliency, support of one another and our clients, and their willingness to respond to unprecedented challenges and do whatever it takes to ensure everyone who needs services from us is able to get those services.”

Steven Humphries-Wadsworth Cedar Mountain Center Director

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A Family Experience

Family Expeirience

At Cody Regional Health Orthopedics, our goal is to get you back to your full capacity as quickly as possible.

Vince and Garrett Kalkowski, both avid sportsmen, unfortunately needed our orthopedic services for different reasons. During a dirt bike ride together, Vince and Garrett went through a reclaimed bentonite mine where they unearthed a lot of rocks. Vince didn’t see one of these rocks, which caused him to topple over the handlebars of his motorcycle, breaking his right clavicle. Thankfully Vince was able to see Dr. Ryzewicz and the orthopedic team quickly to get the help he needed. Vince was shortly back doing what he likes to do in terms of recreation.

His son, Garrett, was in Pinedale, WY for an alpine ski meet later on that year, and on his first ski run his front foot caught a bad edge and threw him down, tearing his ACL and meniscus. The Cody Regional Health Orthopedic team wanted to help get Garrett back to sports as quickly as possible and went right to work. Thankfully our team was able to help both Vince and Garrett after being injured and we can’t thank them enough for trusting in our care!

Staying Connected

What new techniques, equipment, and education have you acquired over the past year you want to share?

We received iPads from Cody Medical Foundation in 2021 to use in the clinic which has improved work flow. We can’t thank them enough! We started doing Zoom meetings which has allowed us to acquire patients from out of town and also visit with our patients when they are ill or unable to come in to the physical location.

Deb Viig
Ortho Clinic, Office Manager

Call 307.578.2180 to set up an appointment with a provider today or visit

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Prayer Group

This year, Cody Regional Health’s Planetree cultural committee was approached by an employee, who wishes to remain anonymous, to start a Prayer Group.

Because Spiritual Healing is a part of our Planetree philosophy at CRH and the stress our medical and non-medical teams have felt over the past 19 months, it was a wonderful way to utilize our chapel more.

We asked one of our prayer warriors, “Why do you believe it’s important for CRH to offer a ‘Prayer or Spiritual Healing Group?’”

“For me as a Christian, my faith and prayer life is so incredibly important. There are so many other believers and others who belong to this Cody Regional Health Family, to be given a time and a place that we can gather together and just pray, what a blessing it has been. The Role of Spiritual Care in Enhancing Patient Experience is a major aspect of the Planetree Philosophy that CRH follows. I absolutely believe that there is power in prayer and I know so many other believers in this hospital feel the way I do when it comes to our faith. Knowing we have the chapel as a place to meet and come together to support each other is a wonderful thing.”

“…Knowing we have the chapel as a place to meet and come together to support each other is a wonderful thing.”

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Coming Together

This past year as we have seen a rise in the pandemic, our team of caregivers have come together as a true team to care for our patients. They have been faced with sicker patients then some of them have ever seen, however they rise up and seek out resources they need to provide excellent care. Our organization may be a critical access hospital and although smaller compared to others we are mighty and continue to remain steadfast in the effort to provide extraordinary care to those in need.

Our Acute Care and Critical Care team includes our hospitalists, ancillary service members such as rehab team, cardiopulmonary team, nurses and CNAs. We have all been treating sicker patients than we have ever seen before, patients we would typically send to a tertiary center, but due to lack of medical space, we are having to treat these patients in house and do everything possible we know to keep them alive.

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Get to Know US

Emergency Department

barbara wearing ppeHow have you and your team continued to offer the best patient care possible during the pandemic? This unrelenting global pandemic has caused our team to work in the most challenging conditions. Our team dealt with changes in procedures and protocols, heavy workloads and fear of exposure to the virus. Despite this, our team has continued to provide the best care possible by embracing compassion and providing reassurance to our patients and community. We continue to place an emphasis on the ability to provide warmth, attentiveness and high-quality care to our patients and community.

What are you most proud of when it comes to you and your team?I am most proud of my team’s resilience. Working through a pandemic was a first for all of us. The uncertainty left many of us emotionally and physically exhausted. What makes me proud is seeing how they have persevered through the pandemic, together. Many could have abandoned their position as a front line provider but none of them did. My team worked together to support one another, the patients and their families. Seeing how the team came together to work extra shifts when their colleague was ill or when staff dealt with even more severe circumstances was incredible. I am proud of their selfless acts and their commitment towards maintaining compassion towards others. They are true heroes.

What new techniques, equipment, and education have you acquired over the past year you want to share? Our team has learned many skills over the course of the pandemic, here are a few I would like to share. To start, we will never forget the day we set up isolation units on ACU, CCU and in our Emergency Department. At first, we were overwhelmed by the idea of facing the virus, but as healthcare professionals we knew it was our duty and calling to respond. Many of us changed our routines, both at work and home. We tried to protect our loved ones by showering at work and removing our scrubs prior to entering our homes. At times we slept apart from our loved ones when we were concerned about an exposure. At work, we took on many other duties to protect others and help streamline care. We also learned how to meticulously don and doff PPE. We quickly learned about coronavirus to ensure we knew the ins and outs of the virus and how to appropriately treat it. We also learned how to effectively and respectfully communicate with our patients in full PPE. Furthermore, we incorporated iPads, phones and baby cameras into patient care to ensure our patients and their families never felt alone or unsupported. In addition, we shifted how we learn. Much of our education has been shifted from in-person to virtual learning, which as been challenging at times considering how much we enjoy learning together. Our team has learned quite a bit from this pandemic; much of it we will carry throughout our careers.

What we have learned most is that we can count on each other. Because of the pandemic, we are closer than ever.

Barbara Mullaney ACU/CCU/Cath Lab Director

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PPE Facts

Personal protective equipment (PPE) helps prevent the spread of germs in the hospital. PPE can protect people and health care workers from infections.

All hospital staff, patients, and visitors should use PPE when there will be contact with blood or other bodily fluids. PPE includes gloves, respirators, facemasks, eyewear, and/

or gowns to prevent the transmission of infectious materials found in blood, body fluids, secretions, and excretions (CDC, 2019).

3 minutes to put on & take off PPE

30 PPE sets per COVID patient, every 24 hours

COVID-19 patient ICU Stay, 10 days = 300 PPE Setups

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New CRH System

patient experienceThe value of digital capabilities throughout our health system is needed more than ever. Virtual care has skyrocketed since the pandemic and virtual psychiatry is probably here to stay.

Cody Regional Health has been researching what the best Electronic Health Record (EHR) is for our organization and which system will serve our patients and team the best. After much discussion our team of experts has decided to work with SCL Health to transition over to EPIC, one of the leading EHR’s in the country.

The EPIC platform delivers a logical workflow that will basically be identical across our entire system, both inpatient and ambulatory. Thus, there is a consistent CRH standard across the entire system.

We will constantly work with our clinicians to refine the digital experience. It will save considerable time and effort for our providers, nurses, and professional staff and improve the quality of our documentation. Optimization of physician notes will aid consultative services as significant information is readily available for specialty consults.

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Partnering is Key

Cody Regional Health is excited to partner with Cody Imaging Center (CIC), a state of the art outpatient imaging center located in Cody,

Why Choose Cody Imaging Center?


The key to our great quality is a combination of our clear images thanks to our state of the art equipment and our experienced and professional team that focus on patient care.


We know that undergoing MRI scans can be stressful and our patient’s comfort and care is our top priority. Our team takes the time to deliver quality care with compassion and empathy.


As a partner of Cody Regional Health, we are able to send your results straight to your healthcare provider immediately after your examination. So you will get the answers you need faster.

Wyoming, just down the street from CRH. CIC offers our community convenient, affordable and high quality outpatient Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) services in a comfortable outpatient setting.

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volunteersIn order to best serve our community, Cody Regional Health partnered with Park County Public Health to offer drive up COVID-19 testing.

With the significant increase in COVID patients, our team could not keep up with the testing demand, and we’re thankful for the help of the National Guard. Public Health supplied the testing kits, the National Guard provided the boots on the ground hands on testing and we provided the space and location for testing to be done.

We have also been able to utilize the National Guard in our Long Term Care Center and Laundry Department.

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West Park Hospital District
Combined statements of net position June 30, 2021 and 2020

Cash and Investments $87,286,600 $81,100,087
Patient and Resident Accounts Receivable, Net $20,543,904 $14,909,890
Other Current Assets $6,131,405 $5,945,731
Capital Assets, Net $69,663,897 $71,236,499
Noncurrent Cash and Investments $20,182,344 $18,723,151
Other Noncurrent Assets $2,851,650 $2,555,128
Deferred Outflows of Resources $551,462 N/A
TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS $207,211,262 $194,470,486

Current Liabilities $25,919,558 $32,274,897
Long-Term Liabilities $34,743,966 $33,470,659
TOTAL LIABILITIES $60,663,524 $65,745,556

NET POSITION 2021 2020
Net Investment in Capital Assets $33,250,509 $35,639,895
Restricted $1,829,851 $5,049,653
Unrestricted $111,467,378 $88,035,382
TOTAL NET POSITION $146,547,738 $127,724,930
TOTAL LIABILITIES AND NET POSITION $207,211,262 $194,470,486

By the Numbers
July 2020 Through June 2021

  • 153 Credentialed Providers
  • 199 Births
  • 397 Inpatient Surgeries
  • 625 Staff at CRH
  • 1,507 Outpatient Surgeries & Procedures
  • 1,253 Acute Hospital Admissions
  • 5.227 Hospital Inpatient Days
  • 75,309 Miles Traveled by our Ambulances
  • 82,195 Outpatient Visits

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Community Events

Community health will always be important to Cody Regional Health, just as it has been for the past 83 years. One of the major ways we work to improve overall health in our communities is by hosting multiple events and classes.

We would like to give a big thank you to our team members for sharing their knowledge in order to benefit the communities we serve in Northwest Wyoming. We continue to be cautious of hosting our events in person due to COVID-19. You can find our events on YouTube and Facebook.

NEW Cancer Class

The HOPE series is a consecutive 4-week program, exploring ancient healing techniques with modern-day application to help connect mind/body awareness. In each session, the ideas and inspirations will build upon the prior week.

Nikki Levine Bustos
Yoga Educator and Intuitive Energy Guide

We want to hear from you! What kind of events are you looking for in 2022? Cody Regional Health would like to make sure we are meeting your needs and answering your questions. Please email us at crh@codyregionalhealth. org to submit your event topic requests!

We look forward to a full year of events in 2022. Please review some of the events and classes Cody Regional Health hosted in 2021!

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Stay Connected

Coming Soon

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Giving Back

The CRH Foundation Granted Funds for…

Community Health Series

The CRH community health series are events such as the REACH Healthcare Camp, monthly Lunch and Learns, October Health event, Community Thanksgiving Dinner and Hospice Love Lights programs. With this support CRH also created Community Safety Kits for COVID-19 protocols.

The kits included: safety mask posters, safe seating posters, safe standing floor decals, and general safety posters. Our community and hospital benefit tremendously because the community is learning about their health and spreading the word about what we’re doing to make our community better.

Employee Assistance Fund

These past two years it has been an incredibly difficult time for everyone, especially our healthcare workers. The Foundation was able to provide assistance to support our workers in a time of crisis such as: help with airfare when a loved one needs medical care in Denver or Salt Lake; or an accident resulting in repairs for an essential vehicle to be able to travel to work.

This unique program provides limited funds to help employees when assistance can make all the difference.

EMS Buddy Lite System

Cody Regional Health Emergency Medical Service crews respond to over 3,000 requests per year and many of these patients require warm fluids for incidents such as hypothermia or blood administration. The Foundation granted funds to purchase 3 Buddy Lite warming units to be placed on ambulances. This equipment can rapidly warm IV Fluid and/or Blood for patient use.

Radiology Swallows Test Chair

This imaging chair helps support patients and ensure their safety during a swallow test exam. Many patients who require this exam are previous stroke patients and have trouble supporting their own body weight. This chair is made specifically for swallow study exams and has multiple supports and safety mechanisms to reduce fall risks.

Rehab Drivers Evaluation Equipment

The ability to drive is a vital part of a person’s instrumental activities of daily living. When a patient starts to lose his or her ability to drive it severely affects their quality of life. With this grant for a new and advanced simulator tool CRH can now better serve the community. This tool can be used to assist patients, caregivers and physicians to evaluate if the patient has the skills necessary to safely drive and if needed develop compensatory strategies to ensure maximum safety is obtained. Patients who could benefit from the use of this simulator include; aging patients, individuals experiencing illness or deconditioning, cognitive deficits, visual impairments and much more.

Respite Area For Patient Care Providers

Our Foundation worked to create OASIS rooms in our Long Term Care, outpatient clinics and our inpatient floor. These OASIS rooms stand for Opportunity to Achieve Staff Inspiration and Strength, for employees. These rooms included massage chairs, snacks, quiet space, relaxing room to refocus and reenergize. During this incredibly difficult time, we continue to face staffing shortages and our Foundation is doing all we can to help our front line staff keep our community safe.

Infant CPR Kits

The Infant CPR Anytime Kit helps our nurses facilitate the teaching of Infant CPR in the childbirth education classes offered by CRH. It also provides the families with a take home kit to share with grandparents, other family members or babysitters who may share in the care of the infant.

This life-saving kit can mean the difference between life and death for an infant in crisis. The kit includes a DVD featuring practice-while-watching video segments, an inflatable mini baby personal manikin, a CPR reminder card, replacement manikin lung, 2 manikin wipes, and instructions for use.

Home Fetal Heart Rate Monitors and Blood Pressure Cuffs

At home fetal heart rate monitors provide in-home support for pregnant mothers to ensure a healthy pregnancy. The monitor also provides mothers with borderline high blood pressure, a blood pressure cuff to assess their blood pressure at home and report those findings to the clinic. These monitors are a great benefit to the OB/GYN clinic as well as the community by reducing anxiety and fears for new mothers. This new equipment provides a higher level of care at home than ever before.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Camera

Thanks to your support the Foundation purchased a Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners Camera that helps to provide photo documentation in the care of patients affected by sexual abuse and assault. These photos can help to aid in legal proceedings and help find justice for victims.

The Power of every ONE can make a difference.
Give back today!
To learn more about other ways to give to the Cody Regional Health Foundation, including reserving naming opportunities, making a multi-year pledge or planned giving, please contact Annalea Avery, Cody Regional Health Foundation Director at 307.578.2338 or
Cody Regional Health Foundation
707 Sheridan Avenue, Cody, Wyoming 82414

Every donation is appreciated, *tax deductible, and makes a significant impact on the lives of our patients

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Little Box CRH Gift Shop

Our Foundation has made some changes to the hospital gift shop as a result of COVID and limited visitation. A new online store allows friends and families to shop online, have curbside pickup and internal delivery. This means that gifts can be delivered to loved ones in the hospital or in the long term care center.

Volunteers graciously give their time to help run our gift shop. If you have an interest in volunteering you can apply online at or reach out to our Volunteer Coordinator at 307.578.2337 or

All proceeds from the gift shop go back to support the Cody Regional Health Foundation mission to assure the highest quality of patient- centered care and enhance the quality of health in our community.

Shop Qr Code

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Our Physicians

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Our Advanced Practitioners

Sara M. Becker, ANP

Steven A. Bischoff, PA-C
Emergency Medicine & Walk-in Clinic

Krista L. Blough, ANP

Craig J. Edwards, PA-C
Orthopaedic Surgery

Sterling T. Fenwick, PA-C
Orthopaedic Surgery

Daniel B. Fong Jr., PA-C
Walk-in Clinic

Laurie D. Hipwell ANP

Barton E. Jones, CRNA
Certified RN Anesthesia

Robert R. Lang, PA-C
Walk-in Clinic

Brent A. McAllister, CRNA
Certified RN Anesthesia

Darin M. McCann, PA-C
Orthopaedic Surgery

Clint Merritt, PA-C
Orthopaedic Surgery

Kayla E. Nagle, PA-C

Laura L. Pleban, ANP
Obstetrics & Gynecology

Danielle M. Sankey, ANP

Shelly M. Seibert, CRNA
Certified RN Anesthesia

Kelly Simone, PA-C
Walk-in Clinic

Kelly P. Spychalski, ANP
Hematology / Oncology

Shannon D. Vance, CRNA
Certified RN Anesthesia

John R. Vipperman, PA-C
Internal Medicine

Jennifer Warner,PA-C
General Surgery

Sally J. Whitman, PA-C

Nancy J. Winkler, ANP
Internal Medicine

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Tattoo and Mark-Free Radiation Treatment

Using a state-of-the-art technology, AlignRT ®, we're proud to offer radiation therapy treatm that eliminates the need for these tattoos and skin marks. Traditionally radiation tattoos or marks have been a common st in radiation therapy, but w have invested in AlignRT enhance patient safety a comfort. AlignRT ® projec a random series of light patterns on your skin, acting like thousands of virtual tattoos. These images transfer to a software program that monitors your positioning with sub- millimeter accuracy and ensures you are treated in the correct position.

AlignRT® can also help protect your heart and healthy tissue from radiation damage by using breath hold or gating techniques.

Call Medical Oncology: 307.578.2800 Radiation Oncology: 307.578.2140 to set up an appointment with a provider today or visit

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