Sponsorship Request

Cody Regional Health is dedicated to support and fund initiatives that strengthen our communities’ health and wellbeing. Please fill out the Sponsorship Request Form below. Our committee evaluates requests on a bi-annual basis. Please ensure that you have submitted your sponsorship request at least 6 months before the date you would like to receive funds.

Please submit your request to CRH@codyregionalhealth.org.

Sponsorship Request Form

  • Carole Packer Berlin Blankenfelde, Read Full Story
  • Because of their generosity, we here at Cody Regional Health will be able to provide hands on instruction, an instructional DVD and a take home kit with a practice infant to all parents attending prenatal classes and we can provide it to them free of charge. Sonja Jackson, RN Cody, WY Read Full Story
  • “I can’t thank our Foundation enough for helping Cody Regional Health enhance the quality and health in our communities. Your support has allowed us to reach thousands of people in the Big Horn Basin through our Community Health Series Events. It truly is a blessing to be able to offer these events FREE of charge to the community! Thank you again!” Ashley Trudo Cody, WY Read Full Story
  • Katie Shackell Kobenhavn K, Read Full Story
  • Margarita Blackwell Dobra, Read Full Story
  • Lyle Gerken Pescocostanzo, Read Full Story
  • Angeline Carrillo East Tisted, Read Full Story
  • Tina Bradley Kingsport, Read Full Story
  • Providing exposure to this technology during their preschool years will enable our children to enter school more prepared and confident, leading to greater success in the public school environment Julie B. , Read Full Story
  • Gino Chesser Kedzierzyn-Kozle, Read Full Story
  • Charissa Hursey Kitchener, Read Full Story
  • Brock Roger Naz Sciaves, Read Full Story
  • Elbert Schimmel San Diego, Read Full Story
  • Angeles Staten Piazzano Di Atessa, Read Full Story
  • Scot Newhouse Villa Badessa, Read Full Story
  • Wilhelmina House Buckley Swamp, Read Full Story
  • Rosaline Collins Slackhall, Read Full Story
  • Bill Grayndler Goolboo, Read Full Story
  • Cora Lindley Sferracavallo, Read Full Story
  • Cora Lindley Sferracavallo, Read Full Story
  • Cora Lindley Sferracavallo, Read Full Story
  • Cora Lindley Sferracavallo, Read Full Story
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