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Hospitalist Program

Your Primary Provider During Your Hospital Stay

Contact Cody Regional Health today if you have any questions about our hospitalist services. You can also reach us by phone at 307.527.7501.

A hospitalist is a primary physician who works exclusively in the hospital. Your primary care provider will likely not have the time to manage all aspects of your care while you are staying at the hospital, so instead they work closely with our hospitalist team to coordinate your care and ensure all of your needs are met. You may work with several medical professionals during your time at the hospital, but all services will be coordinated through the hospitalist.

Working With Your Primary Care Physician

Your primary care provider, if you have one, will be notified of your admission to the hospital and provided with contact information for your assigned hospitalist. The hospitalist keeps your physician informed on updates regarding your care, ensuring they are caught up on any and all developments in your condition.

Working with a hospitalist comes with several advantages:

  • Hospitalists are available on-site in the hospital 24/7.
  • Hospitalists know the various services and professionals working in the hospital, allowing them to better coordinate patient care.
  • Patients can reach out to the hospitalist for any questions or concerns, including questions they may have for other professionals that treated them during their hospital stay.
  • A hospitalist will be able to visit with a patient at least once per day.
  • Hospitalists can prescribe medications, order tests, and arrange for additional services as patients require them.

Hospitalist Billing

The billing procedures for Cody Regional Health’s Hospitalists is similar to that for primary care physicians that bill for hospital visits. You will receive a separate bill for hospitalist care. You can contact our patient care services office at 307.527.2500 if you have any questions about your bill.

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