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New Patients

Radiation Patients

Beginning cancer treatment can be daunting. We know that you will have many questions throughout the coming weeks and months, and we’re here for you every step of the way. Knowing exactly what to expect can help alleviate some of your concerns and provide a sense of calm for you and your family.

Our goal is to help you take control of your treatment by providing as much information as possible.

The following steps outline what you’ll experience as a new patient here Big Horn Basin Cancer Center:

  • Step 1: Your first appointment will be with our radiation oncologist, to determine if and how radiation is appropriate. You always have the ultimate say in choosing a treatment plan.
  • Step 2: Your second appointment is so our team can do a “simulation”, where we will prepare you for treatment (without receiving any medication at this time) and take a CT scan for planning purposes.
  • Step 3: During your third appointment, we will begin treatments and schedule the following treatments for a time that works for you.

No matter what stage of treatment you are in, we are always here to answer your questions and talk through your concerns. If you would like to talk to a nurse about what’s coming next or how to set up an appointment, please call 307.578.2140 or stop by our office.

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