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Cody Regional Health Spirit Mountain Hospice

End-of-Life Care Focused on Comfort & Peace of Mind

Cody Regional Health Spirit Mountain Hospice is proud to have served the Big Horn Basin since 1994, providing in-home care and inpatient comfort care to patients and families facing end-of-life issues. When curative measures are no longer an option, the hospice provides physical, emotional and spiritual support. We are the only inpatient hospice service in the Big Horn Basin area, and we take great effort to meet that responsibility by offering comprehensive care services to ease this time for patients and their loved ones.

Services include:

  • Massage therapy
  • Spiritual care
  • Bereavement follow-up
  • Grief support group
  • Music Therapy

Our Facilities

Our newest hospice opened in 2011. This new facility was designed to create a comfortable, home-like atmosphere for our patients. The facility has eight private rooms plus a large family room and kitchen. We employ a diversely knowledgeable staff in order to make sure all of our patients medical and social needs are taken care of.

Hospice provides care through an interdisciplinary approach to support patients and their families. House staff includes:

  • Registered nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses
  • Aides
  • Physicians
  • Medical social workers
  • Occupational, physical and speech therapists
  • Volunteers

Our team goes above and beyond to deliver the attentive, personalized care patients deserve. Comfort is an essential part of hospice care, and our facility was designed to make patients feel more at home, rather than at a hospital.

Spiritual care

Spiritual care is a component of the hospice philosophy of providing holistic patient care. We provide professional and volunteer clergy who have training in the area of death and dying and who are sensitive to the many forms of religious expression.

Hospice spiritual counselors are available to hospice patients and their families, but spiritual care is not a required component of the hospice program; hospice patients and their family members can opt out of the spiritual care offerings.

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