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Treatment for Emotional & Behavioral Health Disorders

To Schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist, please call 307.578.2283.

Psychiatrists are specialists in mental health and substance use disorders. Their treatment is aimed at mental health, which plays a major role in the body’s overall health and wellbeing.

In psychiatry, imaging tests and surgical procedures are not commonly, if ever, used to diagnose a patient’s condition. Instead, psychiatrists draw on their in-depth knowledge of human behaviors and psychology to identify mental health issues that could be improved with treatment. You can think of psychiatry as a verbal form of treatment, where results are reached through communication and moderate medication.

Meet Our Psychiatry Team

Scott Pollard, MD, specializes in general psychiatry and addiction medicine.

  • Board-certified in psychiatry
  • General psychiatry residency at West Virginia University Hospitals
  • Internship at Scott and White Hospital, Austin State Hospital
  • University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Sandra Nelson, MD, specializes in adult and child psychiatry.

  • Board-certified in child and adolescent psychiatry
  • General psychiatry residency at the University of New Mexico
  • Child and adolescent psychiatry fellowship at University of New Mexico
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What Our Patients Have to Say
  • "The counselors at CMC are highly attuned to the needs of the individual clients and are also able to foster an effective group-treatment environment. Lectures are sensitive to client's emotional and intellectual needs in recovery. CMC has played a crucial role in my sobriety and in my overall well-being."

    - Dana
  • "So good I almost wish I had another 60 days to complete. From the director to the cleaning lady I have absolutely no complaints. 100 percent recommend CMC. I received the best care all around. Best treatment ever. Everyone who works at CMC is so very helpful and caring. It is like a big family living together. They made me feel so welcome, so much that I don't ever want to forget anyone here."

    - Jessica
  • "They helped me with the meds that I needed. The counseling was awesome, Krista helped me so much and I appreciate it so much. The groups gave me a lot of info in helping me out."

    - Destiny
  • "The counselors are amazing people who helped me the whole way through it. Touched on past traumas that are necessary for my recovery. The entire thing was raw but a wonderful experience."

    - Jillian
  • "This program is amazing. I was able to re-grasp what once was and multiply it by several factors. There wasn’t necessarily one particular thing, it was the overall program."

    - Keith