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Cody Regional Health Participates in County-wide Emergency Disaster Drill, Enhancing Preparedness for Unexpected Situations and Identifying Valuable Learning Opportunities.

Cody Regional Health Participates in County-wide Emergency Disaster Drill, Enhancing Preparedness for Unexpected Situations and Identifying Valuable Learning Opportunities.

Cody Regional Health (CRH) recently participated in a comprehensive emergency disaster drill involving various departments and external stakeholders to ensure the organization's readiness in handling unforeseen crises.

This county-wide exercise showcased CRH's commitment to maintaining the highest level of patient care, safety, and community well-being while also providing valuable learning opportunities for future emergencies.

The drill, held on Wednesday, June 14, 2023 involved a simulated emergency scenario that required swift and coordinated response from CRH staff, as well as collaboration with local, county and state emergency responders. The exercise aimed not only to evaluate the hospital's emergency preparedness, incident response, and communication systems but also to identify areas for improvement and enhance preparedness for real disasters.

Kirk Bollinger, MD, and Emergency Medicine specialist at CRH, said, "The drill was incredibly realistic and well attended, and it showcased the exceptional response from our healthcare professionals and first responders. It demonstrates that Park County has excellent resources and a strong commitment to preparing for disaster situations. We greatly appreciate all the support we received from the National Guard and Law Enforcement."

Dr. Etter, MD, Medical Director of Trauma Program,” commented, "At Cody Regional Health, we have an outstanding team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about providing the best possible care for our patients. The active participation of multiple agencies and personnel in this drill exemplifies our commitment to preparedness and the safety of our community. I am proud to be part of an organization that values collaboration and continually strives for excellence in patient care."

"This drill provided us with invaluable learning opportunities that will enhance our ability to respond effectively to future emergencies," said Keith Ungrund, Chief Clinical Officer of Cody Regional Health. "By conducting realistic simulations, we can identify potential areas for improvement, fine-tune our protocols, and strengthen our overall emergency response capabilities. This proactive approach will ensure the safety of our patients, staff, and community when a real disaster strikes."

The drill simulated a scenario where there was a mass shooting in Powell, Wyoming and where black hawk helicopters were deployed near CRH parking areas, allowing the hospital to assess its ability to manage a large-scale emergency response. CRH's Incident Command Officer for this drill, Dick Smith, emphasized the importance of continuous learning and leveraging these exercises to optimize preparedness.

"Disaster drills like this play a critical role in our ongoing efforts to enhance our emergency response capabilities," stated Dick Smith. "They allow us to identify any gaps in our procedures, refine our coordination with external agencies, and ensure seamless communication across all levels. By leveraging the insights gained from this drill, we will be better equipped to protect and serve our community in the event of a real disaster."

CRH remains committed to continuous improvement and actively seeks out opportunities to learn from simulated scenarios, ensuring the highest level of preparedness. The drill not only provided valuable training for staff but also fostered collaboration and strengthened relationships with local emergency responders, enabling a more coordinated response in future emergencies.

As the drill concluded, CRH expressed its gratitude to the staff, local emergency responders, and the community for their participation and support. The hospital remains dedicated to utilizing these learning opportunities to further enhance its emergency response capabilities and maintain a safe environment for all.

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