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Cody Regional Health’s OB/GYN Clinic provides comprehensive obstetric and gynecologic services for every stage of a woman's life, from the first gynecological exam to the first pregnancy through menopause and beyond. We're also here for more than your clinical needs; we're here to provide preventive care and education for overall health and wellness. Wherever you are in the Big Horn Basin, you can count on quality women’s health services at Cody Regional Health.

Stay on Track for a Long, Healthy Life

Preventive care is an essential part of any health and wellness routine that is often neglected. Regular visits to the gynecologist are important for preventing and detecting serious health concerns for women, including cervical and breast cancers. While making time for these visits can be an interruption, they do not have to be hard! At Cody Regional Health, we are here to take care of you. We want to make your experience as convenient and easy as possible, and we will do our part to help you enjoy a healthy, active life.

Remember that you not all gynecological tests need to be done on an annual basis. If your last trip took a long time because you were scheduled for several tests, chances are your next visit will be simpler and shorter.

A routine gynecological exam may include:

  • General checkup – performed once a year during your scheduled visit.
  • Breast exam – These exams are usually recommended every one to three years for women under 40. You should also be performing monthly self-exams.
  • Pap smear – These are typically scheduled every three years until age 30, at which points many doctors recommend spacing them out to every five years.
  • Pelvic exams – A pelvic exam should be performed every one to three years. Women over 40 should receive one once a year.
  • STD screening – If you are sexually active, it is recommended you have an STD screening every visit.

To reach the Cody Regional Health’s OB/GYN Clinic, call 307-578-2770. Our Clinic is located in our Cathcart Health Center, Suite 330, 424 Yellowstone Avenue, Cody, WY 82414

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