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  • Date Submitted: Aug 23, 2023
  • Category: Employee Stories

Barrett, an esteemed Lab Technician with a five-year journey at Cody Regional Health, embodies the unexpected joys of discovering a true passion. While his path initially diverged from this field, he discovered an unexpected love for the role upon joining us. With an infectious enthusiasm, Barrett believes that this line of work holds untold potential for others who might share his story. It's a profession that often goes unnoticed, yet its impact on patients is immeasurable. Barrett finds particular delight in those moments when he can alleviate a patient's apprehensions, drawing blood with skill and care. The rewarding experience of hearing a relieved patient exclaim, "that didn't hurt at all!" encapsulates the heartwarming essence of his work, making it a testament to the unexpected paths that lead to meaningful fulfillment.