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New Nuclear Medicine Technology at Cody Regional Health

New Nuclear Medicine Technology at Cody Regional Health

Cody Regional Health (CRH) has been approved to replace our 10-year-old Nuclear Medicine Unit with a new GE NM 830 Unit starting March 29, 2021.

Nuclear medicine is used in diagnosing and treating a variety of health issues at CRH. Examples of diseases treated with nuclear medicine are hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer, lymphomas, and bone pain from different types of cancer.

The new GE unit will allow CRH’s imaging department to reduce our scan times by almost 60%, decreasing the amount of time patients have to lay on the scanning table.

“This helps our patients from a comfort perspective. An exam that might’ve taken us 30 minutes will now only take us about 15 minutes to complete,” states Eric Lipe, CRH Radiology Department Director.

The new sensitivity level of the GE camera will provide increased image quality for ordering providers, specifically our radiologists reading the exams, allowing patients to seek treatment faster if needed.

The project timeline is expected to take about 2-weeks. The old unit will be de-install and removed by March 30, 2021. The following week GE will install the new NM 830 unit and calibrate the new camera to prepare it for use. On April 12, 2021, CRH’s imaging team will go through intensive training for a full day and a GE representative will stay on-site for 4 additional days to assist the team with patients.

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