Robotic Assisted Total Knee Replacement

OMNIbotics™ Surgical System

Robotic Assisted Total Knee Replacement in Cody, Wyoming

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When the knee has suffered serious damage from injury or osteoarthritis and the pain has failed to respond to standard treatment, it may be time to consider a total knee replacement surgery.

At Cody Regional Health, we have invested in the state-of-the-art OMNIbotics™ surgical system. This is a highly precise device that allows surgeons to perform faster operations that reduce the strain on the patient’s body. IN the procedure, a surgeon removes damaged cartilage in and around the knee and replaces it with a durable, flexible implant.

Benefits of the OMNIbotics System

Robotic-assisted surgery has become an increasingly popular procedure in recent years. It is important to understand that a skilled, highly trained surgeon will still be performing your operation, but with the assistance of a cutting-edge tool that can make more precise, steady movements.

The OMNIbotics system is a versatile tool that can be adjusted to fit the unique anatomical structure of each patient. This system uses patented Bone Morphing™ technology to create a 3D model of the patient’s anatomy. This allows our surgeons the opportunity to create customized implants that will fit into the body more easily, allowing for faster recovery and improved range-of-motion. Additionally, the OMNIbotics system includes a robotic-assisted cutting guide, resulting in smaller, cleaner incisions.

Some key benefits of the OMNIBotics system include:

  • Faster post-surgery recovery time for many patients
  • Minimized post-surgical pain
  • No costly MRI or CAT scans thanks to patented Bon Morphing technology
  • Highly precise incisions that can heal faster
  • Knee implants that have proven to last longer with improved functionality compared to traditional implant procedures

Cutting-Edge Surgery at Cody Regional Health

At Cody Regional Health, we are committed to providing patients with options for the latest, safest, and most effective treatments. Our investment in the OMNIbotics system is a result of that commitment. We work with patients to help them find a treatment that they feel comfortable with while yielding effective results.

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