Success Stories

"The counselors at CMC are highly attuned to the needs of the individual clients and are also able to foster an effective group-treatment environment. Lectures are sensitive to client's emotional and intellectual needs in recovery. CMC has played a crucial role in my sobriety and in my overall well-being." - Dana May

"So good I almost wish I had another 60 days to complete. From the director to the cleaning lady I have absolutely no complaints. 100 percent recommend CMC. I received the best care all around. Best treatment ever. Everyone who works at CMC is so very helpful and caring. It is like a big family living together. They made me feel so welcome, so much that I don't ever want to forget anyone here." - Jessica

"They helped me with the meds that I needed. The counseling was awesome, Krista helped me so much and I appreciate it so much. The groups gave me a lot of info in helping me out." - Destiny

"The counselors are amazing people who helped me the whole way through it. Touched on past traumas that are necessary for my recovery. The entire thing was raw but a wonderful expereince." - Jillian

"This program is amazing. I was able to re-grasp what once was and multiply it by several factors. There wasn’t necessarily one particular thing, it was the overall program." - Keith

"The staff was wonderful, stern but kind; understanding, genuine, 1st class persons. I will miss them." - Hardy

"I gained present moment awareness, skills to process my emotions, the capacity to accept what is, the capacity to detach, compassion for all other people, the realization that I do belong and relate to others very well, the desire to attend and contribute to A.A. & N.A., I take away an immense gratitude and appreciation for this program, my life, A.A. & N.A., and recovery." - Ryan

"I learned communication skills, coping skills, 'I statements,' recognizing when emotionally triggered, the capacity to process emotions in certain situations." - Tim

"Before I went to CMC I did not understand the disease of addiction or that I was caught in its grasp. I did not have the communication skills or the coping skills I need to manage my mental health. I have been self-medicating as a means to escape who I have been, what I have experienced, and what I have done. This led to the progression of my disease of addiction. During my time at CMC, I have learned to take accountability and I have faced my past choices. In doing so, I took away the power my addiction had over me. I have learned how to express what I am feeling to others in a constructive manner and I have developed coping skills to help me better manage my thoughts and feelings. I have also realized the absolute importance of working an A.A. or N.A. program, as well as, a counseling program to progress my communication and social skills with healthy supportive people." - Tim

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    To provide extraordinary healthcare to those we serve by people who care.

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    The first choice for those who aspire to heal, be healed and lead healthier lives.

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    Compassion, Integrity, Excellence, Innovation and Collaboration.