About Cody Regional Health’s Cedar Mountain Center

Cody Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Cody Regional Health’s Cedar Mountain Substance Treatment Center (CMC) is a 16-bed facility dedicated to resolving the complex and sometimes overwhelming issues related to alcohol and drug addiction.

Our program consists of full days of treatment activities from wake-up in the morning to the evening, plus bedroom occupancy. In addition we offer a broad range of outpatient services to our region and community for addiction and mental health. Cody Regional Health’s CMC is committed to addiction recovery through a treatment program addressing the:

  • Mind. Recover your mind through medically managed detox services, individual and group counseling sessions, education groups, nature therapy, and the camaraderie of an intergenerational group that becomes your treatment family. You will settle into a substance-free lifestyle surrounded by individuals facing the same challenges and tended by caring staff.
  • Body. Recover your body fitness while you heal from the presence of chemicals through recreational activities in beautiful Cody County, exercising at a state-of-the-art fitness facility, and eating regular nutritious meals.
  • Spirit. Recover your spirit through connecting with other individuals facing the same challenges, 12-step group participation, nature therapy, and being in an environment conducive to developing serenity and spirituality. Many of our patients discover the family they are lacking as they connect with their treatment peers in a healing environment.

One-on-one care

Since our treatment unit has only 16 beds, there is low patient-to-staff ratio, which allows for one-on-one care. Our association and proximity to our West Park Hospital campus gives us access to state-of-the-art medical treatment. Having psychiatrists on staff allows us to treat co-occurring disorders simultaneously while treating addiction. Our beautiful geographical setting and field trips to the local area help expand the treatment experience.

Patients of CMC ave access to:

  • Nature therapy: Our patients have weekly field trips to scenic locations in our local area, weather permitting, which are often the highlight of the week.
  • Recreational center: At least three times weekly our patients enjoy a fitness center where aerobic and strength training machines are available.
  • Senior services: Our family-like setting provides a comfortable treatment climate for seniors dealing with substance issues. As with all our patients, seniors have access to medical treatment for co-occurring psychiatric disorders and medical treatment at Cody Regional Health.
  • Co-occurring disorder treatments: We have the capability to use an integrated approach to treating patients who have a psychiatric illness and also a substance abuse issue.

Planetree philosophy

At Cody Regional Health’s CMC, our philosophy of care encompasses a type of healing environment that focuses on treating the whole patient. We believe when it comes to a person's health, there are many aspects of healing. In treating the patient as a whole—not just treating the disease or illness—we can truly focus on healing.

We truly believe all individuals are worthy and capable of constructing and enjoying a productive and rewarding life; thus our approach to all patients as individuals with their own strengths, needs and desires is highly valued. We encourage and promote an atmosphere of open, honest communication and sharing. Our foundation for this process is (and must always be) based upon respect, truth and empathy. Dependency is a painful and difficult process, but we hold firmly to the conviction recovery can become a rewarding and fulfilling accomplishment, unlocking hidden or unknown potential for growth and peace.

  • Mission

    To provide extraordinary healthcare to those we serve by people who care.

  • Vision

    The first choice for those who aspire to heal, be healed and lead healthier lives.

  • Key Values

    Compassion, Integrity, Excellence, Innovation and Collaboration.