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Recovery Treatment Programs

Our treatment counseling is designed to meet the needs of the individual by personalizing care for each resident. Qualified staff provides intake, assessment, and treatment goal planning with the individual. A low counselor-to-resident ratio allows our team to provide personal and professional attention in a quiet, homelike atmosphere.

During the course of treatment, each resident will work with a counselor to develop an individualized treatment plan. Treatment includes individual counseling, group therapy, educational sessions, 12-step meetings, and recreational activities. The length of treatment varies according to individual needs but tends to run 60 days. After treatment, we refer patients and families to facilities and services that can continue client care at the least restrictive level of care.

Family Program

The family program is available to anyone impacted by a loved one's use of alcohol and/or drugs. The program is a three-day structured process directed at issues of illness and wellness in families affected by addiction. Sessions are attended by the resident, family members, and significant others and friends. Segments of the program are designed specifically for family members as they begin their healing process. Participants will have the opportunity to learn ways of working together to establish a new life of recovery.

Aftercare/Continued Care

Aftercare is provided for the resident after completion of a primary treatment program at our outpatient CRH Behavioral Health Clinic. Group sessions meet once per week and provide support in the recovery process. Sliding fee scales will apply to qualified clients.

Co-occurring Disorders (dual diagnosis)

Co-occurring psychiatric disorders are common among those with alcohol and drug abuse and dependency issues. By treating addiction and co-occurring disorders with progressive and up-to-date evidence based approach, simultaneously, treatment outcomes are enhanced. Our residents have access to this integrated treatment at Cody Regional Health CMC.

Education and Prevention

Speakers are available to present to interest groups on various alcohol- and drug-related topics. Training and workshops can be designed for professional and personal enhancement. Informational brochures and books are available on a walk-in or call-in basis.

Medically Managed

Being part of a regional medical center, we have access to state-of-the-art health care services and have the capability of managing detox from alcohol and drugs, co-occurring disorders, and coexisting medical conditions caused or exacerbated by substance abuse.

Psychiatric Disorder Treatment

CRH's Cedar Mountain Center and Behavioral Health Clinic together offer an integrated mental health service with licensed professional counselors, psychiatrists and nurse practitioners. The psychiatrists and nurse practitioners offer diagnosis and medication management while the counselors offer psychotherapy for adults, adolescents, and children.

Adult and Senior Services

Our family-like setting provides a comfortable treatment climate for seniors dealing with substance issues. As with all our residents, seniors have access to medical treatment for co-occurring psychiatric disorders and medical treatment.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Deep TMS works by utilizing a magnetic field that manages to directly reach wider and deeper brain regions, regulating the neural activity of brain structures related to depression.

Equine Assisted Learning

Cedar Mountain Center is offering equine assisted learning (EAL) for our residents. We work with the Eagala (Equine assisted growth and learning association) model that is a learner based educational, experiential experience with horses. Horses hold a mirror to our own tendencies and nudge us in the direction of personal growth. The increased self-awareness, confidence, coordination and other benefits that arise from spending time with horses’ can help us face the challenges of life with greater confidence and grace.

Gene Testing

At CMC we have 24/7 nursing and offer so much more than just medications and labs. Our primary role is being our resident's advocate. We assist with various therapies, multiple supplements, and education classes. We offer genetic testing to determine the best individualized treatments for our resident's recovery. This testing does not diagnose our residents, but it can indicate what ADHD medications, antipsychotics, supplements, therapies and even pain medications will be the most therapeutic for each individual resident. The gene test shows metabolization rates, receptor and enzyme activity and more. These indicate possible adverse effects such as nausea, weight gain, elevated serum levels and effectiveness before a medication is even tried. We assist our residents with obtaining affordable medications and insurance coverage. Our nurses are great listeners and provide a healing environment for our residents.

If you or someone you love could benefit from joining us for recovery, please do not hesitate to call us.

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What Our Patients Have to Say
  • "The counselors at CMC are highly attuned to the needs of the individual clients and are also able to foster an effective group-treatment environment. Lectures are sensitive to client's emotional and intellectual needs in recovery. CMC has played a crucial role in my sobriety and in my overall well-being."

    - Dana
  • "So good I almost wish I had another 60 days to complete. From the director to the cleaning lady I have absolutely no complaints. 100 percent recommend CMC. I received the best care all around. Best treatment ever. Everyone who works at CMC is so very helpful and caring. It is like a big family living together. They made me feel so welcome, so much that I don't ever want to forget anyone here."

    - Jessica
  • "They helped me with the meds that I needed. The counseling was awesome, Krista helped me so much and I appreciate it so much. The groups gave me a lot of info in helping me out."

    - Destiny
  • "The counselors are amazing people who helped me the whole way through it. Touched on past traumas that are necessary for my recovery. The entire thing was raw but a wonderful experience."

    - Jillian
  • "This program is amazing. I was able to re-grasp what once was and multiply it by several factors. There wasn’t necessarily one particular thing, it was the overall program."

    - Keith