Seeking Safety Group

Seeking Safety is a group open to women who have
experienced trauma and have a history of problems with
substance use. This group is a safe place to learn coping
skills on how to manage daily life more effectively. Seeking
Safety also provides clients with community resources
to help you meet your needs for living and safety. With a
primary emphasis on establishing safety, each week the
group covers one of several topics that address coping
skills relevant to these disorders. Through these skills
training, clients are able to better regulate and control their
emotions and subsequent actions.

Upcoming Events


Next Upcoming Date: 10.29.2020 @ 5:00pm

424 Yellowstone Avenue
Cody, WY 82414
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Room: Group Room A on 2nd Floor

Registration Type: Call to Register

Registration Info: Please call and contact us at 578.2919 or 578.2283.