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Cody Regional Health Recognizes Outstanding Healthcare Professionals with Prestigious Awards

Cody Regional Health Recognizes Outstanding Healthcare Professionals  with Prestigious Awards

Cody Regional Health is proud to announce and congratulate the exceptional individuals who have been honored with prestigious awards for their outstanding contributions to the healthcare field. These awards recognize their dedication, leadership, and unwavering commitment to providing exceptional patient care.

The Loretta Stapleton Nurse Leader of the Year Award, named after the esteemed former Director of the Emergency Department, Loretta Stapleton, RN, MSN, celebrates the exemplary leadership qualities exhibited by nurses at Cody Regional Health. This year, the deserving recipient of this esteemed award is Spencer Seibert. As a Clinical Nurse Education Coordinator, Spencer has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to the nursing profession and has shown exceptional dedication to both his team and patients.

Another notable recognition is the Cathy Jansma Partner in Nursing Excellence Award, presented to Dusti Henderson-Mowery. As the Case Management Coordinator, Dusti has consistently displayed a remarkable level of commitment and compassion towards patients and their families. Her exceptional skills, dedication, and unwavering determination have made a significant impact on the lives of those she cares for.

Additionally, Adam Shaffer has been awarded the prestigious Marlene Sanders Award, which recognizes a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse who exemplifies professionalism and serves as a role model within the nursing profession. Adam's guidance and leadership have had a profound impact on the development and proficiency of the nursing staff at Cody Regional Health.

Lastly, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to Emma Humphreys, recipient of the Rookie of the Year Award. This award recognizes outstanding new nursing professionals who have made a positive difference in the lives of their patients and colleagues. Emma's dedication to learning and her commitment to providing exceptional patient care have set her apart as an exceptional member of the Cody Regional Health team.

These awards reflect the core values and principles of Cody Regional Health, emphasizing the importance of leadership, excellence, and compassion within the healthcare profession. The recipients' accomplishments and unwavering dedication serve as an inspiration to their peers and a testament to the high standards upheld at Cody Regional Health.

Please join us in congratulating Spencer Seibert, Dusti Henderson-Mowery, Adam Shaffer, and Emma Humphreys on their well-deserved achievements. Their commitment to providing exceptional care and making a positive impact on the lives of patients and colleagues exemplifies the mission of Cody Regional Health.

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