Cody Regional Rural Health Clinic

Cody Regional Rural Health Clinic

Cody Regional Rural Health Clinic (CRRHC) is a rural health clinic, providing walk-in clinic, women’s health, primary care, behavioral health and psychiatry services to those living in Northwest Wyoming. CRRHC has a highly-experienced medical team including physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, nursing staff, social workers, and licensed counselors specializing in adult and youth counseling.

Cody Regional Rural Health Clinic services are available for all people, including those with insurance and those without insurance. CRRHC accepts payment from Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP, and private health insurance. For more information about our rural health clinic and how we can serve you, please contact us today

Services Offered


Internal Medicine/Primary Care

Walk-in Clinic

Behavioral Health

Meet Our Team

Andrea Chisholm, MD

Judd LaRowe, MD

Dr. Andrea Chisholm has been in clinical practice for almost 20 years providing obstetrical and gynecological care to a very diverse group of women. Until very recently her practice has been in the Boston area where she regularly worked with medical students about women's sexual and reproductive health and how to approach these often challenging conversations.

Recently Dr. Chisholm relocated to Cody, Wyoming. Feeling frustrated by the burnout and negativity in healthcare she really wanted to connect back to real patient and community centered "old fashioned" healthcare and she found the perfect place with Cody Regional Health.

Laura Pleban, NP

Judd LaRowe, MD

Hobbies: Laura enjoys running, hiking and cycling.

How Laura and her family stay healthy: Laura makes small consistent life style changes to maintain her health. Her and her family eat whole foods like fruits and veggies as much as possible!

How Laura stays up-to-date with new treatments and procedures in her field:
"I attend conferences and check for new guidelines and recommendations on a consistent basis."

Nurse Practitioner, Laura Pleban offers a holistic approach to our practice that includes the newest evidence as well as the use of life style changes to achieve optimal health.

Women's health is her passion and Laura addresses the mind, body and spirit of each patient that she sees.

Judd LaRowe, MD

Judd LaRowe, MD

Judd LaRowe, MD has been practicing medicine for 30 years. He enjoys getting to know his patients and being able to have a positive impact on their lives. During his time off work he enjoys fly fishing, hiking, hunting, dogs and theatre. Dr. LaRowe joined Cody Regional Health because it's a progressive system delivering care that is unusual for a community of this size. He likes the “can do” attitude that seems so prevalent in the west.

Courtney Spence, DO

Courtney Spence, DO

Courtney Spence, DO provides adult internal medicine services with interest in diabetes and geriatrics. Dr. Spence is board-certified in Internal Medicine.

Nancy Winkler, FNP

Nancy Winkler, FNP

Nancy Winkler, FNP works in the Internal Medicine Specialty Clinic as a Primary Care Provider for patients age 18 and above. She has been an employee of West Park Hospital for 27 years, previously working as a certified Wound, Ostomy and Continence nurse.

Daniel Fong, PA-C

Judd LaRowe, MD

Daniel came from the UCHealth University of Colorado Hospital Trauma Center to work full-time at the Cathcart Health Center Walk-in Clinic.

Daniel enjoys the outdoors where he also has experience in emergency wilderness medicine. He graduated from Red Rocks Community College and has been working in healthcare for over 17 years.

Robert R Lang, PA-C

Judd LaRowe, MD

Robert Lang likes to try and figure things out. He was a firefighter in New Mexico for five years and had an interest in criminal investigation before choosing a career in healthcare. EMT and technical rescue training sparked an interest in medicine, which led him to a career as a Physician Assistant.

He received his PA training at the University of Saint Francis in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and worked at a Level II Trauma Center for four years. Close to both Chicago and Detroit in Ft. Wayne Indiana, he saw his share of trauma.

Robert made the decision to move back to the West to spend more time with his family.

“I spent so much time working nights,” he said. “I wanted to teach my son about the things I did growing up, like backpacking.”

Robert and his wife Dawn have two children. His wife Dawn is a Physical Therapist by training, but is currently concentrating on their children, who are home-schooled. In addition to family activities, Robert enjoys hiking, reading and doing home improvement projects.

He believes in trying to understand the patient from their perspective, and helping them understand their condition and treatment options.

“I tell them what I’m doing and why I’m doing it,” he said. “I want them to know that I really do care and that we work together as a team in their care.

Betsey Neddermeyer, PA-C

Judd LaRowe, MD

Kelly Simone, PA-C

Judd LaRowe, MD

Carol Martenson, M.S., LPC

Judd LaRowe, MD

Kathy Morris, MSW, LCSW

Judd LaRowe, MD

Josh Spinney, M.A., LPC

Judd LaRowe, MD

Andrea McKay Chief Ambulatory Officer

Andrea McKay, Chief Ambulatory Officer

424 Yellowstone Ave.
Cody, WY 82414
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  • Mission

    To provide extraordinary healthcare to those we serve by people who care.

  • Vision

    The first choice for those who aspire to heal, be healed and lead healthier lives.

  • Key Values

    Compassion, Integrity, Excellence, Innovation and Collaboration.