Our Team

Addiction Counselors in Cody

Cody Regional Health's Cedar Mountain Center (CMC) is staffed with individuals representing varied backgrounds, skills and counseling philosophies. This variety provides the capability of matching a patient with a counselor who would be most effective in working with the patient.

The Cody Regional Health CMC team includes the following:

Scott Pollard, MD Psychiatrist-Medical Director

Steve Humphries-Wadsworth, Ph.D., LMFT - Cedar Mountain Center & Behavioral health Service-Line Director

Krista Blough, APRN, PMHNP-BC

Tom Spiering, RN - Nursing Supervisor

Mary Stroble, Office Coordinator

Blake Thompson, Administrative Assistant

Jackie Fales, Peer Support Specialist

Cody Regional Health CMC counseling and case management team include:

Josh Spinney, LPC, Cedar Mountain Center Counselor Supervisor

  • Masters-level licensed professional counselor
  • Specializes in the treatment of children and families to resolve conflicts or other life stress difficulties through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI, and Positive Psychology.

Christa Buhler, MSW, PCSW - Counselor II

Amber Shier, MSO, PCSW - Counselor II

Michelle Brenner, Inpatient Case Manager

If you or someone you love could benefit from joining us for recovery, please do not hesitate to call us at (307) 578-2531.

General information

Cedar Mountain Center provides residential inpatient services that include: integrated detox/withdrawal services, psychotherapy, medication-assisted therapy (MAT), relapse prevention planning, and self-help recovery groups. Utilizing a trauma-informed approach to treatment, Cedar Mountain Center utilizes clinical or psychiatric evaluation, assessments, and/or diagnosis to establish individualized client-centered treatment plans. Cedar Mountain Center provides crisis intervention, on-going problem solving, progress monitoring, and follow-up as needed while working collaboratively with agencies, schools, courts, law enforcement, medical personnel, etc.


In compliance with the Wyoming Mental health Professions Practice Act (W.S. 33-38-103), Hippa, Garf and CMC services provided are confidential; any information communicated or recorded for the purpose of diagnosis, evaluation, or treatment is considered to be privileged communication and cannot be disclosed by us without your written permission. You may refuse to disclose and may prevent the disclosure of confidential information; however, there are some situations in which it is mandatory we disclose.

Those situations include:

  • Where abuse or harmful neglect of children, the elderly, or disabled or incompetent individuals are known or reasonably suspected
  • Where the validity of the will of a former patient or client is contested
  • Where such information is necessary to defend against a malpractice action brought by the patient or client
  • Where the immediate threat of physical violence against a readily identifiable victim is disclosed to a licensed mental health professional
  • In the context of a civil commitment proceeding, where an immediate threat of self-inflicted harm is disclosed to a licensed mental health professional
  • Where the client alleges mental or emotional damages in civil litigation or otherwise places his/her mental or emotional state in issue in any judicial or administrative proceeding concerning child custody or visitation
  • Where the patient or client is examined pursuant to a court order
  • In the context of investigation and hearings brought by the patient or client and conducted by the licensing board where violations of the Mental Health Professions Licensing Act are at issue.
  • Mission

    To provide extraordinary healthcare to those we serve by people who care.

  • Vision

    The first choice for those who aspire to heal, be healed and lead healthier lives.

  • Key Values

    Compassion, Integrity, Excellence, Innovation and Collaboration.