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Health Organizations come together to Complete Community Health Needs Assessment

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Health Organizations come together to Complete Community Health Needs Assessment

Park County, WY (Sept. 6, 2019) Local health organizations including Cody Regional Health, Healthy Park County, Heritage Health Center, Powell Valley Healthcare and Park County Public Health have come together to complete this year’s Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA).

Every three years for the past six years multiple CHNA’s have been conducted in Park County by individual health organizations. However, all parties present in conducting this year’s CHNA agree it has been a repetitive and siloed approach.

“We thought it was better to pool resources and work together for a greater impact,” stated Bill Crampton, Park County Nurse Manager.

The CHNA process provides a way for communities to prioritize their health needs and to then plan and act upon the unmet needs collaboratively over the next 3 years. All organizations are using numerical factual data supplemented by a survey given to Park County at large to collect direct community feedback.

“We all were excited to work together on this because when we pool our resources, it makes this large task much easier to complete, implement and see results. The data collected will be used as a guiding reference to assist our Healthy Park County Coalition efforts in the coming years,” States Wendy Morris, Healthy Park County Coordinator.

The plan is to have the 2019-2021 CHNA finalized by December 2019. Anyone will have access to this document by visiting any of the organization's websites.

For more information about Park County, Community Health Needs please call or email Wendy Morris with Healthy Park County at 307.578.2707 or