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Graham Jackson

Treasurer, Board of Trustees


Graham Jackson was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee and met her husband, Bob, in college. Graham, a banker, and Bob, a geologist, were able to work and travel nationally and internationally. As the years passed, being part of a community and living in a friendly and innovative town were priorities for Graham and Bob. Moving to Cody in 1994, Graham quickly became involved in various community service clubs, the Cody Chamber of Commerce, Buffalo Bill Art Show & Sale, and the Park County Library. Graham and Bob found a welcoming community and many life-long friends in Cody. It has been a tremendous experience living in an area that is steeped in history and, at the same time, celebrates the beauty that surrounds it.

From personal experience with Cancer, Graham realized the need of having cancer care closer to home. She volunteered with Cody Regional Health when fundraising for the creation of the Cancer Center in 1998. Over the years, Graham volunteered to help fundraise on various community and CRH projects, serving on a number of boards and committees throughout Cody, as well as becoming a member of CRH’s Board of Trustees.

Retired from banking, Graham worked for CRH to help set-up the Foundation. This experience gave Graham an even greater appreciation of the high-quality team of employees that work at CRH to help maintain and improve the health of the communities that they serve. While at the Foundation, the CRH Foundation Board, Volunteers, and Graham worked to engage the community through events and fundraising projects, like CRH Foundation’s Barn Dances and Where The Buffalo Roam! It was important to implement a fundraising arm for CRH for generations to come.

With her last and final retirement in 2017, Graham began honing her artist skills as if it were a full-time job, taking classes at Northwest College and Cody Country Art League. Realizing that talent was much less than the desire, Graham continues to work on her art while volunteering. Along with serving as a CRH Board Member, Graham is also a member of the Children’s Resource Center Board and the Board of By Western Hands.

What Our Patients Have to Say
  • "My experience at Cody was very, very good. It was excellent. The staff was great, and I was treated really well. It's a great place to be if you have to be in the hospital."

    - Critical Care Patient
  • "The doctors and nurses in the OB department were amazing. I really appreciated all of their hard work to make sure that I had a great birth experience at Cody Regional Hospital."

    - Women’s Health Patient
  • "Very knowledgeable and caring staff and I got very consistently good care while I was there."

    - ACU/CCU Patient